People’s necessity, smartphone


Smartphone is a device of wireless transmission that is embedded with several tools together. With the increasing of number of gadgets embedded in smartphones such as the MP3, Internet, Camera, and small TV. Since the market need lead to decrease in size and price, smartphones have become ubiquitous. A large population from different age groups who are interested to consume smartphone for creating social circle on social networking media, surfing their favorite websites, listening the music, online casino and so forth.

The excessive usage of smartphones cause some people to have trouble tearing them away long enough to reconnect with the real world. You can most likely see them around town, on public transportation, in stores with their eyes and fingers glued to their mobile device. Anytime, anywhere, instead of interacting with people around them, they ignore face-to-face conversation for virtual ones. It is a habitually checking on the phones but not a necessarily that it was really needed to check on their phones for emails. This means that people are actually relying on phone more than doing things themselves. Nowadays, smartphone tend to become a necessity for everyone so that bring convenience on their working purpose, social interaction and so forth. Don’t be over-rely on smartphone but use it wisely.